The project should:

a) Support to local and regional public authorities

The Commission considers it to be equally relevant to address one or more of the following bullet points, as appropriate:

  • Enhance decision-making processes of regional and local authorities, to deliver a higher quality, coherence and consistency of energy efficiency measures – and accelerate reaching targets. Actions should foster horizontal and vertical integration of different governance levels, joint application of the energy efficiency measures across local and regional authorities, improved monitoring and verification schemes, and more efficient use of public spending. Proposals should demonstrate political commitment and lead to subsequent institutionalisation of the improved processes in support of the Energy Union Governance Regulation.
  • Support public authorities in the development of policy scenarios and transition roadmaps that clearly outline the path to the European long-term 2050 targets and inform the ongoing implementation of SEAPs/SECAPs or similar plans and the development of future plans/targets for 2030 and beyond. Actions should link closely to the Covenant of Mayors initiative and the Energy Union Governance Regulation, where relevant.
  • Innovative ways to enable public engagement in the energy transition, developing interface capacities within public authorities to engage with civil society.
  • Deliver innovative capacity-building programmes for cities and/or regions to step up their capacity to drive the sustainable energy transition in their respective territories. Proposals should foster a sustained increase in the skill base of public authorities, adapted to their needs and challenges, and support the diffusion of the learning within participating organisations and beyond. The proposed actions should include a strategy to replicate results across Europe and a solid impact monitoring.

Proposals should build on existing initiatives such as the Covenant of Mayors, ManagEnergy or any other relevant initiative as appropriate.

b) Supporting the delivery of the Energy Efficiency Directive

Proposers should focus their proposed action on:

Actions assisting Member States to fulfil their obligations under the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) and – where relevant to the implementation of the EED – under the Energy Union Governance Regulation. Proposals should support efficient implementation by taking into account existing effective practices and experiences from across Europe. Proposals may address, for example, the harmonisation of energy savings calculations under Article 3, the effective implementation of Article 7 including consistent monitoring and verification systems, higher efficiency of the generation under Article 14 and of transmission or distribution systems under Article 15 or an efficient development and continuous reporting of Integrated National Energy and Climate Plans.

Prosjekttype: CSA Coordination and support action
1-1,5 millioner euro
Søknadsfrist: 10-09-2020
Program: Horisont 2020
Arbeidsprogram: Secure, clean and efficient energy
ID: H2020-2018-2020

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