The focus of submitted proposals should be on the direct stimulation of demand for energy skills in construction. This is calling for the development, up-scaling and/or combination of a range of tools and initiatives, e.g.:

  • Tools facilitating the mutual recognition of energy skills and qualifications in the building sector: development of sustainable energy skills passports/registers for building professionals at regional/national level and support for their take up at European level; mobile applications facilitating the comparison of professionals’ skills and qualifications between countries (e.g. by enabling the direct comparison of learning outcomes);
  • National, regional or local initiatives raising awareness of home and building owners and tenants about the benefits of sustainable energy skills and providing financial incentives for renovations and new constructions done using skilled professionals;
  • Support to public authorities for the development of new legislative frameworks, e.g. requirements for skilled professionals in public procurement;
  • Partnerships with producers and retailers of construction products (e.g. DIY stores) to raise awareness of the salesforce and of consumers about energy efficient products, skilled professionals and good practice in new constructions and renovations;
  • Initiatives reinforcing the link between skills/education and energy performance/quality of construction e.g. tools showing the reduction of the building’s performance gap as result of an increase quality of the works.

Prosjekttype: CSA Coordination and support action
0,5 – 1 million euro
Søknadsfrist: 10-09-2020
Program: Horisont 2020
Arbeidsprogram: Secure, clean and efficient energy
ID: H2020-LC-SC3-2018-2019-2020

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